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total screen child-lock
Total screen child-lock tip

Our app video player has a child lock, but it’s limited by what Apple allows us - so your child can still access notifications and the app-switching taskbar. Fortunately, Apple has a feature to let you totally lock you phone screen – it’s called Guided Access and turning it on is really easy. Just check out this Apple Support article and you’ll be safe totally handing your device off to your child!

animation narration!
Animation narration! tip

Infantio animations are great for solo engagement, but you can also narrate them to your child and explain what’s happening. Point and say things like, “Look the little red balls are falling through the holes! The big black balls don’t fit - they roll over the holes!” Don’t worry if your child doesn’t understand what you’re saying – they’ll know you’re describing something in the animation which is useful in itself - sort of like reading a book at bedtime! It’s also a great way to spend time with you baby : )

child screen time
Child screen time tip

There’s very limited research on how early screen time affects the developing brain. That means there’s no reason for prohibition, but it’s responsible to be cautious. We recommend using infantio no more than ten minutes at a time, and a maximum of two sessions per day. To help you keep track, we’ve added a helpful session & daily total timer - it’ll appear on tap in the video player

the science & art behind the animations
The science & art behind the animations tip

Did you know research points to infants having an innate ability to perform basic arithmetic and have an innate expectation of how the physical world behaves? Or that the father Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman taught baby Feynman patterns before he could even speak? Discover these astonishing facts and how they inform our animations by learning about The Infantio Method!

screens & bedtime
Screens & bedtime tip

Screens emit blue light (similar to daylight) that triggers the body to be awake. It’s highly recommended not to show your child any screens at least an hour before bedtime to avoid sleep disruption. It’s great advice for adults as well!

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